Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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UCDD Pet Meal Delivery Service Looking For Sponsors

The Upper Cumberland Area Agency on Aging and Disability is looking for sponsors to keep its pet meal delivery program in service.

The once grant funded Animeals operation is an extension of the Meals on Wheel Service for seniors. Family Caregiver Sarah Martin said now, the organization needs donations to continue.

“We take that money, and we go over to Pet Smart and put in our order with them,” Martin said. “In about a two week time span, we go and pick up the pet food for those 25 pets, and then through staff here here at the AAAD and as well as some volunteers, we get that pet food delivered out to the individuals.”

Martin said each pet costs about $20 a month to support. Martin said so far, four months worth of donations have been collected.

“So, roughly around $500 a month is what it costs,” Martin said. “For a month supply of pet food for those 25 pets.”

Upper Cumberland Area Agency on Aging and Disability started Animeals after a $2,500 Meals on Wheels Loves Pets grant and a partnership with Pet Smart. Martin said seniors are selected to participate through surveys that ask about pet bill difficulties.

“Our option counselors here at our district they are the ones that do the phone interviews,” Martin said. “We did some surveys with our participants just simple questions such as: Do you have a pet? Over this past year, have you ever had any difficulty purchasing pet supplies, pet foods or paying veterinarian bills?”

Martin said anyone interested in sponsoring can call (931) 476-4135.