Monday, June 24, 2024
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UC Local Workforce Development Board Rebranding And Moving

The Upper Cumberland Workforce Development Board has moved its office and soon will change its name.

The office will now be located on 345 South Jefferson Avenue on the second floor of First Horizons Bank building. Executive Becky Hull said the Board is going to get a new name to go along with the new office.

“The Upper Cumberland Workforce Development Board is a long name and by the time you get finished with that everybody is off thinking about something else,” Hull said. “It doesn’t really tell who we are or what we do, so we wanted to rebrand and come up with a name my staff and I could identity with that really says who we are.”

The Board will be celebrating its rebranding and new location with a grand opening event on September 26 at 2 p.m. The Board’s new name will be revealed at this event.

The reason why the Board relocated is because its old building was sold.

“It was sold to the Highlands School, so they are going to repurpose that for a school, and we had to by a new space,” Hull said. “This has been around a year-long process. As you know, the real estate market in Cookeville is really tight. It took us quite a while to find another space.”

Hull said the new space puts the Board right in the heart of Cookeville. She said the biggest change is the Board is no longer co-located with the American Job Center.

“Often times people would come to us looking for the American Jobs Center and vice versa,” Hull said. “It makes that distinct break of what our services are and what we do for workforce development in the Upper Cumberland.”

The Board offers services to help people find a job. They offer resource rooms with phones, free internet and resume writing tools, interview prepping, and more.