Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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TTU December Graduation Ceremony Plans

Tennessee Tech Students will have an in-person graduation this December, with plans to maintain COVID guidelines.

Chief Communication Officer Karen Lykins said there will be 600 students, spread across three separate ceremonies. Lykins said there will be social distancing required in the stands, but friends and family are allowed to attend. Lykins said once a student is called to walk the stage, that will be their cue to exit and keep social distancing possible.

“One of the keys to keeping everyone safe is once a student walks across the stage, they just exit the arena and go meet their family and friends outside,” Lykins said. “So there’s no long lines, there’s no situation where you would be unable to socially distance.”

Lykins said there will be limited live speakers and graduation will focus on more video elements during the event. Ceremonies will begin at 9:00 AM at the Hooper Eblen Center on December 12.

“We’re excited again about giving our students a chance to attend an actual in-person ceremony and walk across the stage,” Lykins said.

The three ceremonies are broken up by the specific college of study a student is graduating from. Lykins said once students walk the stage, they will not return to the indoor event.

9:00 AM will begin with the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology.

12:00 PM will begin with the College of Arts and Science and 3:00 PM will start with the College of Engineering.