Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Happening Now

THP Giving Free Car Seat Inspections At Cookeville Office Friday

The Tennessee Highway Patrol will be offering free car seat checks Friday at the Cookeville Headquarters.

Lieutenant Raymond Gaskill said troopers will be getting recertified that morning. Then, provide free inspections from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

“We’ll have a tent set up,” Gaskill said. “They’ll be able to drive up. We’ll ask them questions about how old is their child. We’ll look at the child restraint device. We’ll pull it up in the computer, check for any recalls and check how the seat is installed.”

Gaskill said most new parents are not educated on car seat safety. Gaskill said officers will provide tips on how to avoid common mistakes such as placing the care seat in the wrong direction or installing the seat belt incorrectly.

“They go to the hospital, the hospital will help them set it up the first time when they bring their baby home,” Gaskill said. “That’s probably the last bit of instruction anybody ever gets on a child restraint device. So, as your child grows, your car seat changes, so there needs to be some help there and that’s what we offer.”

Gaskill said the event is not only beneficial to families but also for the Highway Patrol. Gaskill said the community outreach helps keep troopers in practice while also keeping children safe.

“Every brand is different,” Gaskill said. “You may have had a child three or four years ago, bought that same type of car seat you had three or four years ago but things change,” Gaskill said. “Technology and materials get better, so we’ll take a look at that.”

THP Cookeville Headquarters are located at 1291 S. Walnut Avenue.