Monday, October 2, 2023
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Join the Darwin Dash on Memorial Day to preserve Cookeville’s Historic West End

Cookeville’s West End Connection will hold its first Darwin Dash on Memorial Day. The race will raise funds for West End preservation including the records and memories of the Darwin School, the only African American school during segregated education in Cookeville. West End Connection’s Lori Strode said it’s important to preserve Darwin’s history. “I feel like if we didn’t who ... Read More »

West End Connection Members Working To Set Up Darwin School Reunion

West End Connection Members working to set up the first-ever Darwin School Reunion for alumni and the community. Reunion Co-Chair Lori Strode said they plan on having music, dancing, food, and celebration. Strode said that they wanted to take the time to honor all of those who paved the way for future generations. “We want to pay tribute to the ... Read More »

West End Connection: Cookeville Non-Profit Working For The Historical Community

A new Cookeville non-profit has formed in Cookeville preserving the history of the West End community. The organization West End Connection was created by President Natalie Okorji (Oh-Core-Gee) alongside other community members. Okorji said she grew up in West End and wanted to keep its story alive. “West End area is historic to the Cookeville city due to it being ... Read More »