Friday, May 24, 2024
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987 Putnam Tax Payers Could Meet The Requirements Of Property Tax Freeze

987 Putnam County taxpayers could benefit from an income-related property tax freeze. That data point came from meeting one of a Putnam County Commission sub-committee on a proposed Tax Freeze Tuesday. That number is based on an annual income limit of $36,700, the most allowed by the state. The county could choose to lower the limit. County Commissioner and committee ... Read More »

Nine New Commissioners Elected In Putnam County

A total of nine new commissioners will serve Putnam County following Thursday’s election. Fred Vondra, Ron Chaffin, Chevin Eldridge, David Gentry, Ken Hall, Junior Phipps, Vinnie Faccinto, Terry Randolph and David Andrews will join the commission.  Current Commission Chair Mike Atwood lost in the 12th district, finishing fourth among four candidates. In district one, Vondra ran unopposed. He joins incumbent ... Read More »