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Removed Garden Hoses, Closed Vents, Dripping Sinks Help Prevent Frozen Pipes

The Cookeville Water Department advises home and business owners to take precaution to protect your pipes as temperatures drop. Operations Superintendent Carey Aitken said there are three simple yet important steps to take. “The ones that are probably the easiest for them are going to be to remove their garden hoses from their spigot and use styrofoam covers over those ... Read More »

Local Ag Agent Suggests Three Tips For Budgeting School Shopping

School shopping can get expensive, so how should you budget your money for new school clothes or supplies. Putnam County Ag. Extension Director Michelle Parrott said for some, back to school shopping can even compete with holiday spending. Parrott said avoiding budgetary issues starts with planning. “You need to make a list of those things of hose things that no ... Read More »

Keeping Energy Bills Down As Temperatures Rise

Increasing temperatures lead to a want for more air conditioning, but what effect does this have on your energy bill? Karen Brown with Cookeville Energy Services said the best way to keep your power bill down is to keep your thermostat between 75 and 78 degrees during the day. “Also use ceilings fans to keep your air moving in your ... Read More »

Crossville-Cumberland Co. Crimestoppers Offering Reward For Car Part Thefts

Crossville-Cumberland County Crimestoppers is offering $300 for information on the theft of catalytic converters. Crossville Detective Jonathan Tollett said the crime has been a growing issue for automobile owners across the community. “We’ve got these people cutting these catalytic converters off,” Tollett said. “It is taking them a couple of minutes, and they can make 200-300 dollars up to depending ... Read More »

Organization Is Key When Preparing For A New Tax Season

One of the best ways to prepare for a new tax season is simply stay organized. That is according to Phipps CPA Owner Jennifer Phipps. Phipps said keeping up with monthly finances can make each April more manageable. “Even if it is not in a tax software, if you just pull together a folder, and you are throwing in all ... Read More »

Job Search Tips From The Expert

Job counselors often say do not accept positions below your skill set. That may not be an option during the current COVID-19 outbreak. But Tennessee Tech Career Development Director Russ Coughenour said a high demand skill set will almost always ensure employment. “You can cast a wider net now than maybe what you could before because you just don’t know ... Read More »