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Jackson County Penny Rate Increases Again

The Jackson County Penny Rate is up for the 8th straight year. Mayor Randy Heady reported to the Jackson County Commission Monday night that the current Penny Rate is $17,351. He said it is something the county has worked really hard to improve. “We’re very proud of that,” Heady said. “I think I mentioned at the County Commission meeting that ... Read More »

Jackson County to Receive Insurance Payment

Jackson County will receive an insurance payment to cover money stolen inside the County Clerk’s office. Mayor Randy Heady said he has been working with the insurance company to come up with an accurate amount for compensation. “We have an amount we believe is good,” Heady said. “The Clerk’s office ended up a little more than $50,000 in the hole ... Read More »

Jackson County Economy Improves to At-Risk

Gov. Bill Lee announced today that Jackson County is no longer economically distressed. Each year, the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) creates an index based on economic status for all counties in Tennessee. Mayor Randy Heady said moving on from being a distressed county to only at-risk is due to Jackson County’s residents wanting to improve. “New energy has really helped ... Read More »

Jackson Audit Committee Working to Improve Process

The Jackson County Audit Committee is working with county offices to improve their processes. Mayor Randy Heady said going over last year’s audit findings has been a learning experience for many county officials. “We kind of find out that you actually have somebody that is looking over you, that’s keeping an eye on you, and it kind of holds everyone ... Read More »

Revenue Audit Finds Funds for Jackson Budget

A revenue audit of Jackson County’s book has already found over $38,000 dollars to boost the county’s budget. Mayor Randy Heady said the county has contracted with The Barrett Group of Murfreesboro to perform the audit. He said the audit of Jackson County’s sales tax numbers discovered the missing revenue stream. “That is revenue (Donna Barrett) has found for this ... Read More »

Jackson Bust Vandalized; Cameras Coming

The vandalism of Andrew Jackson’s bust on Jackson County’s square will lead to the installation of security cameras on the courthouse. Sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning, white paint was poured over the bust of the seventh President and namesake of Jackson County. Mayor Randy Heady said he does not like having to take this step, but such ... Read More »

Heady to Give Clerk’s Office More Attention

Jackson County Mayor Randy Heady says he plans to take a more active role in supervising the troubled County Clerk’s office. Heady said that although he doesn’t have authority over another elected office, there are things he can informally do to provide oversight. “If I’m watching, and I got my eyes on things, then they’ll know they have some oversight,” ... Read More »

Heady: Stafford’s Theft Unfortunate

Jackson County Mayor Randy Heady says the theft of over $25,000 dollars by the former County Clerk was a regrettable mistake. Amanda Stafford pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of theft over $2,500 dollars. Stafford resigned her office earlier this month. “Unfortunately this is something none of us want here in Jackson County,” Heady said. “At the same time, good ... Read More »

Jackson Sets Retirement Contribution

The Jackson County Commission set a contribution rate of seven percent to the employee retirement fund. The Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System is a retirement plan available to state, county, and city governments. County Mayor Randy Heady said that county’s contribution rate remains the same from several previous years. But he adds as the county begins to have more retirements, that ... Read More »

Jackson County Clerk Resigns

Jackson County Clerk Amanda Ward Stafford has resigned her office effective May 8. County Mayor Randy Heady said the clerk’s office will be filled by Chief Deputy Clerk Brandon Stafford until the August election. “Under TCA code, we’re allowed to let him assume responsibilities of the County Clerk as Chief Deputy Clerk until the election,” Heady said. Because the resignation ... Read More »