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Sparta Changing Up Animal Control Role

Sparta Public Works is searching for a dog catcher after taking over Animal Control responsibilities from the Sparta Police Department. Public Works Director Dillard Quick said the Police Department’s full-time dog catcher only had to catch 27 dogs last year. He said the department wanted to use the dog catcher as a backup officer, but he was not certified. “So ... Read More »

Sparta Searching For Solution To Silt Removal Problem

Sparta officials are looking for a budget-friendly plan to dispose of the silt generated by the city’s water plant. Public Works Director Dillard Quick said they used to take the silt to the local landfill, but the silt has been building up in two large storage basins since the landfill closed in August, 2022. Quick said the most realistic solution ... Read More »

Sparta Saves Nearly $700K On Water Department Generator

The city of Sparta saved north of $500,000 on a generator for the Sparta Water Department Thursday night. Sparta Mayor Jerry Lowery said the city bought the semi-truck-sized generator for some $73,000 from the city of Brentwood. City Administrator Tonya Tindle said a generator of that size typically costs some $750,000. Lowery said the city originally bid some $130,000 but ... Read More »

Sparta Aldermen Approve $20,325 Change Order For Sewage Work

Sparta Aldermen voted to approve a $20,325 change order to continue work on their sewage pipes, bringing the total cost of the project to just under $90,000. Public Works Director Dillard Quick said during the early stages of the project they believed the pipes to be eight inches in diameter. He said the pipes needed are actually 10 and 12 ... Read More »

Sparta Purchasing Replacement Muffin Monster For Sewage Pump Station

The Sparta Board of Aldermen approved the emergency purchase of new machinery for the sewer department Thursday night. Public Works Director Dillard Quick said the machinery is called a Muffin Monster, a specialized grinder placed before sewage pump stations to break down debris. Quick said the equipment at the South Carter Street pump station broke down two weeks ago and ... Read More »

Sparta’s North Spring Water Leak Thursday Stopped With Quick Response

The cleanup continues after a broken water line in Sparta Thursday along North Spring Street. Sparta Water Superintendent Greg O’Neal and Public Works Director Dillard Quick responded quickly to get the water line fixed. O’Neal said he appreciated all the hard work from his, as they were the ones in the ditch. “We’ve had breaks in systems all throughout the ... Read More »

Sparta Approves Process To Begin City Hall Roof, HVAC Replacement

City of Sparta officials launching the process to replace the City Hall roof and HVAC system. The Board of Aldermen voted unanimously Thursday night to accept bids for the two projects. Mayor Jerry Lowery said he received pictures earlier this week during a heavy rain event, showing it raining harder insider the building than outside. Lowery said because the HVAC ... Read More »

Sparta’s Fall Paving Pushed Back Until The Spring

Sparta facing a slight delay in paving efforts with its fall projects now pushed back until the spring. Public Works Director Dillard Quick said the city’s approved paver rescheduled after a separate state road project took priority. “They had more work this fall than anticipated,” Quick said. “That doesn’t mean we are not going to do our paving this year. ... Read More »

Sparta Public Works Trying To Keep Workers Safe During Heat Advisory

Employees of local public works departments are feeling the heat as temperatures remain in the 90’s throughout the week. Sparta Public Works Director Dillard Quick said he has 38 employees that work outdoors about 90 percent of the time. “It’s bad when you are in a ditch,” Quick said. “It’s even worse when your pouring concrete and in a ditch. ... Read More »

Sparta Public Works Director Explains Odor Near Sewer Plant

Several Sparta residents voicing concern about strong odors coming from the city’s sewer plant. Public Works Director Dillard Quick said he wanted Sparta officials to know that nothing is wrong with the plant. The smell comes from nearby chicken litter. “They’re putting it on people’s pastures or fields or whatever, but when it rains and they get in there and ... Read More »