Monday, April 22, 2024
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Added Project To Willow Avenue Utility Work

The City of Cookeville added a $62,000 project to the Willow Avenue water and sewer line replacements. The city found a defective line while trying to connect the new Holiday Inn to the water grid. Cookeville Water and Sewer Director Ronnie Kelly said the project is too big for city workers to complete. “When it gets 18 to 20 feet ... Read More »

TDOT Releases Repavement Priority List For 2021

Twenty-seven T-DOT paving projects in the Upper Cumberland have been approved and prioritized for 2021. Region 2 Community Relations Officer Jennifer Flynn said T-DOT pavement managers are strategic in their priority selection. “The purpose is to preserve our transportation system while maximizing our dollars,” Flynn said. “So that’s what our pavement managers do, they look at all these things, they ... Read More »