Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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New Safe Dropboxes Installed For Old Prescriptions In Putnam

Power of Putnam wants you to know that you do not have to wait for Drug Take-Back days to drop off your old medication. Executive Director Bill Gibson said the organization has set up new safe drop-off locations for citizens to take their medication. Gibson said that the drop-off initiative is an effort to help combat the abuse of prescription ... Read More »

Addiction Problem In Putnam “Serious”; Awareness Event Thursday

Power of Putnam is hosting an Overdose Day awareness event Thursday at Dogwood Park. Executive Director Bill Gibson said that the event is in order to raise awareness for those affected by overdoses. He said that the event is also an effort to bring the community together to fight against drug addiction. Gibson said that drug addiction and overdoses are ... Read More »

Underage Drinking More Prevalent In UC Than Some Might Think

The state is kicking off back-to-school season with important messages about underage drinking, which is more of an issue in the Upper Cumberland than some might expect. Power of Putnam’s Makiah Prince said people tend to think that vaping and nicotine is a greater issue because it is more prevalent in school systems right now. Prince said teens typically perceive ... Read More »

Nothing About Me Without Me Youth Conference Friday

Power of Putnam presenting a youth conference the next two days promoting substance abuse prevention, mental health resources, and paths to community leadership. Conference Head Makiah  Prince said the summit will promote youth involvement in the decisions that affect them “That’s why the tagline is Nothing About Me Without Me, because none of these things that are dictating their future ... Read More »

Power Of Putnam Spreading Awareness For Drug Endangered Children

Power of Putnam working to spread education and awareness through a new Drug Endangered Children (DEC) grant. Coordinator Mateo Huerta said a drug-endangered child is defined as one who lives in or is exposed to an environment where drugs are present for any number of reasons, including trafficking and manufacturing. He said at least one in eight children across the ... Read More »

Power Of Putnam Sees Vaping As A Huge Issue With UC Children

Power of Putnam Executive Director Bill Gibson said opioid abatement money could be used to deploy research based strategies to reduce vaping. Upper Cumberland counties will soon receive its first share of settlement money from pharmaceutical distributors. Gibson said he believes some money should be used for cessation programs to help youth addicted to nicotine. “Vaping has become a huge ... Read More »

Power Of Putnam Continuing Alcohol Compliance Checks

Power of Putnam is about halfway through its annual compliance checks for licensed alcohol retailers in the county. Director Bill Gibson said that the organization partners with local law enforcement to perform checks that ensure retailers are not selling alcohol to minors. He said that they go everywhere from liquor stores to restaurants. “We’re not really trying to get anybody ... Read More »

“Purple Fentanyl” Has Very Likely Reached The Upper Cumberland

A new purple fentanyl has very likely made its way to the Upper Cumberland. The South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force has said that the fentanyl and methamphetamine combination has crossed state lines. “I don’t have any personal knowledge of any seizures of purple fentanyl in Putnam County, but if it is that close to here, I would say there ... Read More »

Delta-8: New Manufactured CBD-Derived Substance Rising In Popularity

Delta-8 is a new substance on the market that’s being promoted as “diet weed.” Power of Putnam Executive Director Bill Gibson said that the hemp plant derivative comes from recently-legalized CBD oil put through a chemical process. He said that it allows for manufacturers to extract a greater amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes a high. ... Read More »

Power Of Putnam Sides With Movement To Prevent Youth Nicotine Use

Power of Putnam is happy with the state Attorney General co-leading a 31 state movement against youth nicotine use. State leaders have called on the FDA to eliminate youth-appealing flavors, limit nicotine levels and restrict marketing for these products. Executive Director Bill Gibson said it is a good thing to reduce. “The use of nicotine by youth is one of ... Read More »