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Overton Sheriff Encourages Parents To Preach Caution For Halloween

Overton County Sheriff John Garrett said parents need to help their kids stay safe this Halloween Tuesday. Garrett said he suggests that people go trick-or-treating before it gets dark. If you go out later, wear reflective clothing. Drivers need to keep a close eye for kids running and not paying attention. As for parents checking candy, Garrett said it makes ... Read More »

Delta 8 Law Will Help Protect Minors From Gateway Drug

Delta 8 Legislation restricting manufacturing and sales of cannabinoid products takes effect July 1 throughout Tennessee. Currently children can legally purchase gummies and other edibles containing intoxicants. Overton Sheriff John Garrett said the 2021 legalization of these products has been an issue in all counties. Garrett said law enforcement had confiscated the products from children in schools. “So for those ... Read More »

Overton Sheriff Emphasizes Safe Driving With Increase Deer Activity

An increase in deer activity for this time of year means motorists beware. Overton County Sheriff John Garrett said that hunting season and rutting season are driving deer from their normal routines. He said that motorists should take time to slow down and drive carefully. “The worst thing that they can do is panic,” Garrett said. “Slow down, stay on ... Read More »

Distracted Driving Awareness Month: Phone Use Leads Issues

April is distracted driving awareness month. Overton County Sheriff John Garrett said when it comes to distracted driving, cell phones are the biggest issue that his department sees. Garrett said just one glance at your screen can lead to an accident. “In just the blank of an eye,” Garrett said. “Whenever you are operating a motor vehicle that weighs several ... Read More »