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Grant Could Help Upgrade Overton Facilities

The Overton County Sheriff’s Department will apply for a $40,000 grant that can be used to help upgrade some of the county’s existing buildings. County Executive Ben Danner said that even though a new county building is ready to open, some of the older facilities need security upgrades. “That will help us tremendously,” Danner said. “We don’t have the extra ... Read More »

Overton County Approves Continuing Budget

Overton County will continue operating with this year’s budget after County Commissioners approved a continuing budget resolution Monday. County Executive Ben Danner said the school system continues to tweak its budget based on last-minute federal and state changes. “Right now, we are waiting on the schools to get their budget approved,” Danner said. “We hope on July 14th they have ... Read More »

Hilham Walking Trial Complete

The Hilham School Walking Trail is now open. Overton County Executive Ben Danner said the Hilham faculty and staff are excited to have the new trial. “There’s already a lot of people already out there walking on it,” Danner said. “It is really nice. Probably one of the nicest, if not the nicest, walking tracks we have in the county. ... Read More »

Overton and White Counties Sales Tax Up

April sales tax revenues in Overton and White County increased over same month last year. Overton County collected around $148,000 in sales tax, or about. $10,000 more than last April. Overton County Executive Ben Danner said the increase was not expected. But he said with so many at home, people may have spent money on DIY projects. “There is a ... Read More »

New Patrol Cars For Overton Sheriff This Fall

The Overton County Sheriff Department will hit the road with new patrol vehicles as soon as this fall. County Executive Ben Danner said acquiring the vehicles is possible thanks to a $160,000 local support grant. “This money from the governor will help us be able to buy those patrol cars,” Danner said. “[We] might have to dip into the tax ... Read More »