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Monterey Alderman Advocates for City Manager; Wants Work Session

Monterey Alderman Bill Wiggins wants the town’s aldermen to establish a city manager position. Wiggins said that the need for the position is past due and that the increasing workload for city staff necessitates the position. Wiggins said the jobs consists of new opportunities to benefit the town as well as day-to-day operations. “We have a board of alderman and ... Read More »

Monterey Aldermen Create Baseline Of Changes For Alcohol Ordinance

The Monterey Board of Alderman has developed a baseline of changes to the city’s alcohol ordinance to allow the establishment of microbreweries. During a Thursday work session with city attorney Brett Knight, four wants were established by the aldermen. Mayor J.J Reels said officials made good progress towards their goal. “Overall, I think it went well,” Reels said. “We got ... Read More »

Monterey Approves Exploring Ladder Truck Options

Monterey has started the search process to find a new ladder truck to purchase. During Monday’s Board of Alderman meeting, Alderman Nathan Walker gave Mayor JJ Reels and the fire department the go ahead to start searching for a vehicle. Right now, the plan of action is to sell the inoperable ladder truck and use the funds towards a new ... Read More »

Monterey Board Of Alderman New Member Sworn In

The vacant second ward seat for Monterey’s Board of Alderman has been filled by Jim Whittaker. Whittaker said he wants to play a part in the future growth of the town by utilizing its natural features. “I am always excited about anything that is good for Monterey,” Whittaker said. “I am really excited about Bee Rock and Meadow Creek Lake ... Read More »

This Week: Monterey Fills Vacant Board Seat

The Monterey Board of Alderman will meet for its monthly meeting Monday night. The board will hear from the two nominations to fill the vacant seat for the second Ward. Jim Whittaker and Shannon McGee are the two for consideration. Other discussions will include the second phase of the town’s storm water mitigation and switching to stop signs for two ... Read More »

Monterey Delays Second Ward Decision

Monterey Aldermen will fill the vacant second ward seat at the November meeting after a sometimes contentious discussion Monday. The board offered two nominations to fill the seat Monday night, but Mayor JJ Reels voted twice to stop the decision. Farley’s motion to move forward passed 4-3. Then, Reels voted no to make it 4-4. Reels then exercised his ability ... Read More »

Monterey Board of Alderman Meeting Postponed

The Monday night Monterey Board of Aldermen meeting has been postponed after at least one city employee tested positive for COVID-19. Mayor JJ Reels said no member of the board was exposed to the employee. However, out of abundance of caution the board postponed the meeting until October 19. Also, Reels said the city has seen several confirmed cases from ... Read More »

This Week: Livingston Updates Use Of Force Policy

Livingston Board of Alderman will consider updating the use of force policy for the city police department Monday night. The board will also receive updates on its Downtown Revitalization program during its Monday meeting. That program has several projects going on including the reinstallation of sidewalks and work on the square. The meeting begins at 6. A public hearing begins ... Read More »