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Suicide Prevention Month Focused On High Rate Across UC

The Upper Cumberland continues to have the highest suicide rate of any area in the state, an important fact to note as Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month comes to an end. Michael Anderson is the Regional Director for the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network. He said with this being a rural area, there have been fewer resources to get mental health ... Read More »

UC Suicide Rates Steady Compared To 2019 But Remain One Of Highest In State

2020 suicide rates across the Upper Cumberland region mirror those reported statewide: steady. Hotline calls rose dramatically because of COVID last year. Michael Anderson directs the Upper Cumberland’s Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network office. He said that there was concern about a potential rise in the number. He said the numbers remained steady compared to 2019. “Everyone was holding their breath ... Read More »

16th Light of Hope Event Raising Suicide Awareness In Cookeville

The Upper Cumberland Region’s 16th annual Light of Hope event comes Tuesday as part of Suicide Awareness Month. Michael Anderson is Regional Director for The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network. He said this event promotes healing for people who lost someone to suicide. Anderson said sharing this event in-person is critical to those effected. “The ability to connect with others, to ... Read More »

National Call To Action Addressing Suicide

The U.S. Surgeon General’s Office has released six actions that can be taken to address the public health issue of suicide. Michael Anderson is Regional Director Upper Cumberland Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network. Anderson said the Surgeon General is focusing on best practices through evidence based approaches that have worked. “I think it’s important to note that we’ve already been doing ... Read More »

UC Expert: New National Suicide Number Important

By 2022, people struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts can dial 9-8-8 for immediate assistance. The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to designate this number to provide faster access to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Upper Cumberland Suicide Prevention Regional Director Michael Anderson said this is a massive win. “Having an easily understandable number that people can call in an ... Read More »