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Sparta Updates HR Policy For New GPS Vehicle System

Sparta Board of Aldermen amended the city’s human resources policy Thursday night to include the new GPS system being rolled out in city vehicles. The system will help the city manage its vehicle fleet, more so than keeping tabs on where vehicles and employees are. Still, City Administrator Tonya Tindle said the city will not tolerate tampering with the new ... Read More »

Sparta Officials Interested In Modular Nuclear Reactor To Create Energy

The idea of a modular nuclear reactor to provide electricity to the City of Sparta captured the imagination of Aldermen Thursday night. Alderman Brian Jones said there are not any reactors of this kind being used in the country yet. “It’s amazing,” Jones said. “They’re saying when they’re in production it’ll take about twelve months to eighteen months to actually ... Read More »

Applications Coming In, Sparta Searching For New Senior Center Manager

Sparta has begun the process of searching for applicants with event-planning backgrounds and sociable dispositions to manage its Senior Center. Sparta Mayor Jerry Lowery said a new Senior Center Board will be appointed on January 1, and will immediately begin sifting through applications. Lowery said there is no timeline for the new hire, but the board will move swiftly to ... Read More »

Sparta Police Department Working To Address Low Number Of Officers

Sparta Police Chief Nick Dunn told Aldermen during a Thursday night work session the lack of officers and new certified applicants are hurting the department. Dunn said the city’s low pay compared to nearby areas continues to impact the city. He said he also lacks the ability to give new applicants higher starting wages based on prior experience. Dunn said ... Read More »

Sparta Considering Security For Caboose; Vandalism Reported

As Sparta gets closer to finishing the restoration of its train caboose, city officials concerned about security around the new addition. During the aldermen’s Thursday meeting, City Administrator Tonya Tindle said one of the windows of the caboose was recently broken in an act of vandalism. Mayor Jerry Lowery said he wanted to take inspiration from how Livingston’s mayor handled ... Read More »

Sparta Aldermen Appoint Local Attorney As New City Judge

The Sparta Board of Aldermen appointed a new city judge Thursday night, as Macey Gurley resigned from the position. Mayor Jerry Lowery and the board appointed Brandon Griffin, a Sparta-based attorney, as the new city judge. “He had put in before when we’d hired the other judge,” Lowery said. “And he does a great job and I’ve talked with him ... Read More »

Sparta Police Ask City Council For More Officers And Higher Pay

Sparta Police asked the City Council Thursday night to help with increased pay and the hiring of more officers. Sparta Police Chief Nick Dunn and Assistant Chief Brent Copeland addressed the Council. This after Dunn and another officer responded to a disturbance Saturday night where shots were fired. Dunn said that made him realize the department needed to hire and ... Read More »

Sparta Aldermen Vote To Install An Emergency Generator In YMCA

Sparta Aldermen voted Thursday night to authorize bids for the installation of a backup generator at the YMCA building. The full-building backup has been purchased. Mayor Jerry Lowery said the generator will allow the YMCA to maintain power and operate as a makeshift emergency shelter if needed. “We hope we never have to use it,” Lowery said. “But it’ll be ... Read More »

Sparta Senior Center Needs Emergency Sewage Repairs; Council Wants Agreement

The Sparta Senior Center needs emergency sewage repairs, but there are questions as to how it is going to get paid for. The Sparta City Council discussed the sewage issue during a Thursday meeting. The repairs will cost between $28,000 and $33,112. City Administrator Tonya Tindle said the situation needs to be addressed as soon as possible. “Right now they ... Read More »

Sparta Rules Against Grinder Pumps Citing Concern About TDEC Oversight

Grinder pumps will not be allowed in connection to the Sparta sewer system after the Board of Aldermen passed a second reading of an updated ordinance. Mayor Jerry Lowery said the city needs to do everything it can to continue its progress with the state in terms of the sewer system. Sparta continues under a sewer moratorium. Using grinder pumps ... Read More »