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Baxter Issues Ordinances Amending Fuel Storage, Construction Requirements

Baxter City Council passed an ordinance Thursday night amending fuel storage requirements. Building and Codes Official Bob Lane said that Baxter’s current ordinance does not allow for more than 500 gallons of combustible liquid above ground. Lane said that the new ordinance will prohibit only gasoline citing its volatility. He said that the need for the amendment came about to ... Read More »

Budgeting Money for Entranceways Would Improve City

Cookeville City Council Member Eric Walker wants money in the new budget under consideration set aside for Cookeville’s entranceways. Walker said TDOT is allowing cities to have a bigger role in improving entranceways to make them more appealing to both visitors and residents. “So when you enter the city of Cookeville, you know where you’re at and it’s more than ... Read More »