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Safety Of Hauling Agriculture Topic Of New Class Thursday

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Local farmers can learn more about agriculture transpiration safety during a Thursday class. The class is part of Overton County Ag Extension Agent Jason Garrett’s Master Beef Producer Class. Garrett said the seminars cover a broad range of agricultural topics. He said the Ag transportation safety class has never been taught in the county before. “Me and some more Ag ... Read More »

Dry Weather Impacting Farmers Across Upper Cumberland

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October is usually the driest month of the year and we are entering the month coming off a dry September, something that could impact grass and cattle. This is the time of year where grass is sewn but without rain it could dry out and die. The same goes for pastures where cattle graze. Overton County UT Extension Agent Jason ... Read More »

Cow Disease Not A Threat

An atypical disease discovered in a Tennessee Cow is no cause for concern according to a UT Extension Agent. A cow shipped to a South Carolina processing plant was pulled from the production line prior to processing. Post mortem testing showed the cow had Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). Overton County Extension Agent Jason Garrett said based on information from the ... Read More »

Shade And Water Keys To Prevent Livestock Heat Stress

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High temperatures in the Upper Cumberland can be cause for concern for livestock. Overton UT Extension Agent Jason Garrett said that the two most important factors for keeping livestock healthy are having plenty of water and plenty of shade. He said heat stress can lead to illness, shock, or sometimes death. “Most beef producers with what it costs of the ... Read More »

Overton Extension Office Kicks Off Annual Strawberry Bundle Sale

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Overton County UT Extension Office is hosting its annual strawberry bushel sale. Ag Agent Jason Garrett said that the sale had been going on for the last 30 years or so. He said that this year, they’re providing two varieties of strawberries. “The All-Star berry is a larger type berry if somebody is interested in making pies, making jams,” Garrett ... Read More »

UC Ag Extension Offices Holding Webinar Covering Booming Timber Market

Selling timber in a booming market, you can get free advice on Tuesday. Overton Extension Agent Jason Garrett said that Walnut, Oak and Hard Maple all have a high demand and can be found in the region. “Know what you have, get someone to let you know what its worth, maybe take bids on it,” Garrett said. “There’s certain ways ... Read More »

Rainfall in 2020 Creates Strong Hay Supply For Winter

The Upper Cumberland should not experience a hay shortage this year, thanks to a good rainfall and late frost. Overton County UT-Ag Extension Agent Jason Garrett said Summer droughts have pushed hay feeding earlier into October the past two years. However, he said things have lined up in 2020 to keep cattle in good shape through the winter. “I think ... Read More »

Brown Recluse Spider Poses Dangers In UC

There are two dangerously venomous spiders that will be looking for warm hiding spots in the Upper Cumberland this Winter. Overton County Agriculture Extension Agent Jason Garrett said black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are the biggest threats. However, Garrett said black widows are likely to be found in a garage or barn, brown recluse spiders can bite when ... Read More »

How to Avoid Spiders Looking for Warmth inside Homes

Noticed a lot of spiders in the last week? Spiders in the Upper Cumberland will be looking to hunker down for the Winter inside people’s homes. Overton County Agriculture Extension Agent Jason Garrett said debris, leaves and wood near entrances to the home can attract spiders inside. Garrett said keeping the home neat by vacuuming and dusting can stop the ... Read More »