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Fentress Gets Approval For Standalone ER

Fentress County and UT-Medical have received approval from the state to establish its standalone ER in Jamestown. The facility will include nine treatment rooms, including one trauma room. County Executive Jimmy Johnson said after nearly two years without a hospital, an accomplishment was reached, proving the naysayers wrong. “It’s just a good day for us here and this is nothing ... Read More »

Fentress Nearing Finish Line For Standalone ER Approval

Fentress County Executive Jimmy Johnson said the county’s standalone ER could receive approval as soon as Wednesday. Johnson said they are going to Nashville tomorrow for approval of the certificate of need. Current federal rules require a transferring facility connected to a major hospital be within 35 miles. “We’re just a little small pebble in the ocean here and it ... Read More »

Fentress County Executive Wants More Improvements At Ball Park

Fentress County Executive Jimmy Johnson said he wants to prioritize improvements to the Kirby Johnson Memorial Ball Park. Johnson said the two things he sees as the biggest needs are another field and additional parking. Johnson said some nights draw as many as 500 people. “Hopefully we can come up with something in the works to be able to do ... Read More »

Fentress Highway Loan Denied After Supervisor Takes Hard Stance

The Fentress County Commission approved a $2.1 million dollar capital outlay note for the new agriculture pavilion Monday night. The note did not include money for the highway department. Road Supervisor Joey Reagan asked for $1.5 million to upgrade county roads. Reagan was unwilling to budge on that number during the meeting. “I believe he made the suggestion that he ... Read More »

Fentress Working To Resolve Solid Waste Agreement With Jamestown

Fentress County is looking to resolve a solid waste disagreement with Jamestown. County Executive Jimmy Johnson said a referendum has been in place where the county handles parts of solid waste services for the city. However, Johnson said that Jamestown wants to pull its funds out of the agreement for other uses. “I don’t believe that could hardly work according ... Read More »

Jamestown Approves Medical Emergency Helicopter Transport Membership

Jamestown city employees will have discounted access to helicopter transport during medical emergencies. A membership with the AirMedCare Network was approved by the board of aldermen on Monday night. Chief Financial Officer Gail Dishmon said the need was evident since the closure of the Jamestown hospital. “If you’re in a bad car wreck, it’s by ambulance. It would be by ... Read More »

Jamestown Budget Focusing On Infrastructure and Airport

Jamestown’s upcoming budget is a return to normalcy for the town’s operations going into the fiscal year. Chief Financial Officer Gail Dishmon said they are projecting an $8.26 million dollar budget, that is lower than last year’s that included a $6.2 million FAA grant towards the airport. Dishmon said this year will focus on infrastructure. “We budgeted $50,000 to start ... Read More »

Fentress Projecting Revenue Drop From Loss Of TDOC Inmates

Fentress County is one of many counties projecting a revenue drop from losing state inmates at its jail. The county has housed as many as 45 state inmates, however County Executive Jimmy Johnson said they are currently at 26 inmates. Johnson said as court proceedings have opened up, the state is coming and picking up its inmates. “They weren’t getting ... Read More »

Fentress Budget Committee Looking To Solve EMS Retention

An increase of $33 for on-call EMS pay approved by the Fentress County Budget Committee on Thursday night. The on-call pay is currently $7, increasing to $40 on July 1 if approved in the final county budget. Commissioner Larry Cooper said an increase to just $30 might not work for current EMS employees. “I know that, that it doesn’t look ... Read More »

HWY 127 Corridor Widening From Crossville To Jamestown Starting

Work has started on improvements and widening of the Highway 127 corridor between Crossville and Jamestown. T-DOT Spokesperson Jennifer Flynn said utility relocation has begun in Cumberland County to widen 4.9 miles from north of I-40 to Potato Farm Road for $62.9 million dollars. Flynn said there are seven individual widening projects included. “The need is very apparent in the ... Read More »