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Adcock: Property Tax Cap Detrimental To Rural Counties

Dekalb County Executive Matt Adcock said a bill going through the state legislature capping property tax increases would be devastating to counties like Dekalb. A Madison County representative wants to require a referendum for property tax increases of more than two percent plus the cost of inflation. Adcock said local voters already have a way to control tax increases by ... Read More »

Clay Co. Gets Proposed Project Schedule For Jail Project

Clay County jail project currently projected to cost some $10.3 million, about $2.7 million over its original USDA loan. Architect Cayce Petko presented an updated project plan to commissioners at a Monday night work session. She said they are still working with USDA and crunching numbers to get that number down. “That’s my concern is activating a competitive bid market, ... Read More »

Sheriff Farris Warns Commission About Growing Inmate Medical Costs

The growing cost to provide medical care for Putnam County inmates causing budget concerns for Putnam County Sheriff Eddie Farris. Farris updated the county commission on the current finances. Farris said last year, the department sent 44 inmates to the hospital. This year, 42 inmates have already received medical care with five months left in the budget. “We are not ... Read More »

Clay Having To Push Back Bids For Jail Project

Clay County once again having to push back bidding out its new jail project. County Mayor Dale Reagan said plans continue to face delays while awaiting approval from the USDA. Reagan said they had originally hoped to bid out the project this month. “It’s frustrating it is,” Reagan said. “But hopefully it’s a blessing in one sense because they’re telling ... Read More »

Clay Nearing Bidding Process For Jail

Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan said the county is about “halfway” through the process of putting the jail project out to bid. Reagan said there had been setbacks due to the city needing to upgrade sewer lines. He said the most recent setback was the County having to resubmit the bid documents to USDA. “We had to go through that ... Read More »

White Co. Jail Hopefully Starting Roof Replacement In Near Future

White County Justice Center’s roof replacement project is set to start soon. Sheriff Steve Page said the large undertaking has been waiting to begin while ductwork replacement was completed. He said there are several things that need to be done to keep the White County Jail a certified facility, and roof replacement is one of them. “We definitely got to ... Read More »

Overton Upgrading Jail HVAC And Computer System Through Grant

Overton County has received a $170,000 state grant bringing HVAC and computer upgrades to its Justice Center. County Executive Ben Danner said he anticipates the county budget committee to approve the money next month with the bid process starting after that. “We can have it where the deputies can book people in without having to come into the jail and ... Read More »

Putnam Applying For Almost $500K Grant For COVID Mitigation In Jail

Putnam County will apply for an almost $500,000 grant through the Department of Health for the county jail system. Mayor Randy Porter said that the money will be used to help with COVID mitigation. “To spread the inmates out more, to change out HVAC systems and so forth,” Porter said. “It can only be spent here on our jail system ... Read More »

Pickett To Take Initial Steps Towards Developing Plans For New Jail

Pickett County will begin actively pursuing plans to build a new county jail. County Executive Carey Garner said at Monday night’s Commissioners Meeting, the project has been some eight years in the making. “We weren’t financially able to start it,” Garner said. “And so we’ve just not got to where we think we can afford one, so it’s time that ... Read More »