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Bydstown’s Good Neighbors Theater Finishes Roof Repairs

Byrdstown’s Good Neighbors Theater has finished repairing its roof with an unexpected $35,000 price tag. Theater Board Member Tony Milsted said the 38-year-old roof has never been serviced, and the cost ended up being $20,000 more than expected. Milsted said the theater had been building up a nest egg over the last three years for various needed maintenance projects. Milsted ... Read More »

Gibson: Byrdstown Tourism Producing Economic Impact

Byrdstown tourism estimated to generate $100,000 in additional revenue by the end of the year, prompting the city to consider increasing its tourism budget. Mayor Sam Gibson told Aldermen Monday night the city has helped financially support many tourism efforts so far this year. Gibson said that has produced encouraging results for the local economy. Gibson said that after fulfilling ... Read More »