Monday, May 20, 2024
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Baxter Approves Utility Agreement For Subdivision Project

Baxter moved one step closer for a subdivision project on Highway 70 during Thursday night’s Board of Aldermen meeting. The board approved Mayor John Martin signing an agreement with the Double Springs Utility District. Martin said this will run a 12 inch water line to the project. Martin said this will provide adequate water flow to the future subdivision, providing ... Read More »

Grant Application Talks For Cookeville Boat Dock Fire Protection

The first step toward improved Putnam County fire protection took place in the form of reviewing a potential grant application. The 2021 Community Development Block Grant was discussed Monday by UCDD members and Mayor Randy Porter. Community Development Planner Allison Fox said the Cookeville Boat Dock Utility District will benefit from better fire protection. “That fire project would basically add ... Read More »