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Livingston Awarded $150K For Signal Modernization

Livingston has been awarded a Traffic Signal Modernization Grant of some $150,000 to install pedestrian traffic signals downtown. Livingston Fire Chief and Traffic Control Supervisor Rocky Dial said with the downtown square becoming more popular, these signals will create a safer environment. He said the grant includes funds for a cabinet with a controller for the signals and signals at ... Read More »

Livingston FD On Standby Downtown Searching For Electrical Wiring Issue

Livingston Fire Department investigating a possible electrical wiring issue in city’s downtown area. Fire Chief Rocky Dial said crews are trying to find the source of a smell that may be coming from an electrical wire burn. Dial said no fire or smoke is visible, but several fire trucks and crews are on standby. Dial said Main Street in front ... Read More »

Livingston Fire Department Flow Testing And Repainting Fire Hydrants

Livingston residents may notice some gushing water from fire hydrants in the city limits this week. Fire Chief Rocky Dial said the department has started a month-long flow testing to gauge gallons available. “Our insurance office rating, they want us to flow test all the hydrants, a certain percentage of them every three-five years,” Dial said. “This just happened to ... Read More »

Livingston Fire Chief Wants Local Oversight For Burning

Livingston Fire Chief Rocky Dial said he wants to implement city burn permits, along with other layers of protection. Dial presented a change to open burn ordinances to the board of aldermen on Monday, however no action was taken. Dial said he wants to add local oversight because he has seen what happens when people only go through the state ... Read More »

Roadways Reopen After Livingston Tanker Truck Accident

Highway 111 back open on Friday after the overturned fuel transport truck. The Monterey Highway and Highway 111 intersection was closed early Thursday as a precaution to an overturned fuel transport truck. Fire Chief Rocky Dial said hazmat crews and emergency personnel worked some 15 hours to tow the tanker safely. “The cleanup crew had to come,” Dial said. “They ... Read More »

Portable Heater Dangers When Used Incorrectly

Portable heaters can be a convenient way to heat a home but can be a fire hazard when used improperly. Overton County Fire Chief Rocky Dial said the most common mistake he sees on responding calls are people using a cheap extension cord to power their portable heater. Dial said these heaters are safe if someone knows how to use ... Read More »

Livingston Fire At Value Pet Supply Friday

A Livingston pet store suffered minimal damage from a warehouse fire Friday. Fire Chief Rocky Dial said dispatch received a call at 7 a.m. from a Value Pet Supply employee after detecting smoke in the building. “Upon arrival we found that a sprinkler system had been activated,” Dial said. “Once the personnel made sure the interior was intact, they found ... Read More »

Livingston Hires 2 New Fire Fighters

The city of Livingston hired two new full time fire fighters. Jason Huggins and Robert Holt are the two joining the crew. The two hires came after MTAS Fire Consultant Dennis Wolfe recommended to add more full time fire fighters last month. Fire Chief Rocky Dial reviewed the responsibilities of the crew outside of fires during Tuesday’s Alderman meeting. Alderman ... Read More »