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Putnam Local Emergency Exercises Set For Tuesday

The Putnam County Local Emergency Planning Committee will hold a training event Tuesday to create better cohesion among agencies from across jurisdictions. Putnam County 9-1-1 Assistant Director Josh Womack said law enforcement, rescue squads, and fire departments from across the county will have separate drills and scenarios to work through. He said the training will help them develop skills for ... Read More »

2021 Ice Storm Has Overton Focusing On Preparedness Entering The Winter

Overton County is approaching one year since the major ice storm that ravaged communities in February 2021. County Executive Ben Danner said over that time, emergency preparedness for any future weather events has been a focus. “We did get a generator from the nursing home. We’re going to put it at the ambulance service where it could run the ambulance ... Read More »

Crossville Approves Emergency Work To Address A Storm Water Issue

Crossville will begin an emergency storm water project Monday after finding deteriorated pipes near Crossville Medical Group. Mayor James Mayberry said the situation presents possible flood threats if not resolved. “During a storm we noticed that the storm drains, the man holes were over flowing and the medical facility was having trouble with drainage as well,” Mayberry said. “So after ... Read More »

Putnam Emergency Workers Spend National First Responders Day Shopping With Kids

Thursday is National First Responders Day but Putnam County responders spent the morning giving back to kids. Responders from around the county took over 30 students on a $115 shopping spree at Academy Sports and Outdoors. Cookeville Police Officer Mason Vaughn said the kids always start out shy during events but before you know it, they’re off and running. “It’s ... Read More »

Putnam 911 Utilizes what3words, Emergency Rescue Locator App

Putnam County 911 has started utilizing new technology to help locate people in emergencies. What3words is an app that divides the world into a series of 57 trillion, ten by ten squares. Instead of using GPS coordinates for locations, each square has a series of three words unique to that location. Putnam 911 PIO Josh Womack said that this kind ... Read More »

White County Wants EMA Director To Help County Focus During Disaster

White County now has an EMA Director, answering the need to better coordinate when disaster strikes. County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said this year’s ice storm was an example of why the county needed someone in the position. Robinson said there are people who want to help in an emergency but leadership is needed. “You don’t need six groups going ... Read More »

White County Appoints Matt McBride As First Paid EMA Director

White County appointed a new EMA Director Monday night, a newly created, paid position. This is a part-time position with Sparta Firefighter Matt McBride being selected. McBride said this is the type of position a responder works to achieve during their career. “I think it’s fun, it’s fun and I like to help people, I think this county has a ... Read More »

Putnam 911 Says Language Interpreting Services Aid In Emergency Response

Putnam County 911’s language interpreting services are an irreplaceable tool for emergency responders. That’s according to Assistant Director Brandon Smith. Smith said that their service agreement with LanguageLine Solutions allows for responders to communicate more efficiently with those who don’t use English as their first language. “We’ve had several incidents where we’ve been able to resolve emergencies in a matter ... Read More »

Life-Saving Program For Car Crashes Coming To Warren

Community members will have access to a lifesaving program throughout McMinnville this Wednesday. The Yellow Dot Program is an initiative that provides first responders with key medical information in emergency crash situations. McMinnville PD Lieutenant Mark Mara said this information could be the difference between life and death. “So every second does count,” Mara said. “If they have an allergic ... Read More »

FEMA To Perform Nationwide Emergency Alert Test Wednesday Afternoon

FEMA is conducting a nationwide emergency alert test Wednesday at 1:20 p.m. central time. Overton County EMA Director Chris Masiongale said the organization tests periodically to ensure their equipment and data works properly. “Technology changes so often and so much with cellphones especially and wireless devices,” Masiongale said. “That the need to test and make sure our or the federal ... Read More »