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Van Buren, White Systems Leading Talk On Regional Bus Cooperative

Several Upper Cumberland county school systems are looking to form a regional bus cooperative to allow for easier transportation assistance. The cooperative would allow schools to help one another find immediate transportation when issues arise. Van Buren Director of Schools Jared Copeland said the cooperative would encourage counties to focus on taking care of the children first while having a ... Read More »

Van Buren School Board TISA Goals: Reading, Math Scores And Ready Graduates

The Van Buren Board of Education approved its new statewide accountability report Wednesday night. The report is a part of the TISA formula that requires the board to create a five-year plan for the county’s schools. Director Jared Copeland said the report allows the school board to show how taxpayer dollars are going to student achievement. “So it’s really just ... Read More »

Van Buren Director Said New Grading System Main Topic Among Directors

The state’s new grading system topped the discussion at the just completed statewide Superintendents Conference. The Department of Education set to implement the system in November. It was mandated by the state legislature as a way to assess where schools stand in various area. The new grading system will assign A-F letter grades. Van Buren County Schools Director Jared Copeland ... Read More »