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Dekalb Introducing Baby Court For Families At Risk

Dekalb County has introduced a new Safe Baby Court program designed to provide resources to children and families affected by abuse and neglect. General Sessions Court Judge Brandon Cox said the county received a $100,000 grant from the state based on the county’s need for the program. He said families with a child 36 months or younger in the home ... Read More »

UC Law Enforcement Searching For Female Who Fled Group Home

Local Authorities are looking for 18 year old Megan Hendrixson after she fled the CHANCE group home for girls. Putnam County Sheriff Eddie Farris said deputies took the missing person report from the group home on September 20. Farris said that while Hendrixson is 18, she was placed in state custody out of White County until she turns 19. “Anybody ... Read More »

Staying Alert For Child Abuse Victims

Teachers and staff are keeping a more watchful eye for child abuse signs as students return to school. Local Elementary Counselor Jill Bouldin said school staff and faculty are always worried about the student’s physical health and mental well being. “There was a lot of concerns, like kids being unsupervised at home because parents were still having to work while ... Read More »

Child Abuse Chances Rise During Pandemic

A Cookeville man faces charges after allegedly assaulting a woman Wednesday and preventing her from calling for help (File Photo)

Governor Bill Lee said Wednesday he remains concerned about growing numbers of unreported child abuse cases across the state because of COVID-19. Dawn Raines, Executive Director of the Stephens Center in Livingston, said the added stress from the pandemic can lead to increased abuse. “There’s so many additional stressors right now,” Raines said. “For one, you have children that are ... Read More »