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Clay County Bid For New Jail Came In $11 Million Over Budget

Clay County back to the drawing board after bad news from a lone bidder on the jail project. Three contractors came out to assess building the jail but only one put in a bid. The bid came in at $11 million dollars over the county’s budgeted $7.5 million. County Mayor Dale Reagan called it unpleasant. “Man when it come back ... Read More »

Clay County To Set Up Full Budget For EMS After Last Month’s Acquisition

Clay County will bear the total cost of emergency services moving forward. Mayor Dale Reagan said the county previously had an agreement to provide the ambulance units and the city of Celina would cover the service. He said after the county acquired the ambulance service last month, that agreement is no longer in effect. “We’ll have a full ambulance budget ... Read More »

Clay County Concerned About EMS Coverage, Hoping Agreement Can Be Met

Clay County hoping the city of Celina will come up with a permanent solution for the city’s ambulance coverage. The ambulance staff resigning Monday has left the community with emergency medical responders. County Mayor Dale Reagan said the county has contracted the ambulance service through the city for the last 12 or 15 years. “They’ve provided a good service for ... Read More »

Clay Co. Gets Proposed Project Schedule For Jail Project

Clay County jail project currently projected to cost some $10.3 million, about $2.7 million over its original USDA loan. Architect Cayce Petko presented an updated project plan to commissioners at a Monday night work session. She said they are still working with USDA and crunching numbers to get that number down. “That’s my concern is activating a competitive bid market, ... Read More »

Clay County Trying To Increase Awareness For Building Permit Requirements

Clay County Commission has updated the language in its building permit rules to increase public awareness. County Mayor Dale Reagan said the county has had a building permit requirement since around 2009. He said there was an increased need to make sure potential developers know what is required before building. “We’ve had a lot of folks that are moving into ... Read More »

Clay Having To Push Back Bids For Jail Project

Clay County once again having to push back bidding out its new jail project. County Mayor Dale Reagan said plans continue to face delays while awaiting approval from the USDA. Reagan said they had originally hoped to bid out the project this month. “It’s frustrating it is,” Reagan said. “But hopefully it’s a blessing in one sense because they’re telling ... Read More »

Clay Approved To Take Next Steps Using TDEC Grant Funding

Clay County approved to take the next steps using its grant funding from the Community Block Development Grant program. County Mayor Dale Reagan said the county received three allocations of grant funding to put towards the solid waste department from TDEC. One grant will fund a compactor for the Mount Vernon convenience center. “Right now the way that we’re doing ... Read More »

Clay Nearing Bidding Process For Jail

Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan said the county is about “halfway” through the process of putting the jail project out to bid. Reagan said there had been setbacks due to the city needing to upgrade sewer lines. He said the most recent setback was the County having to resubmit the bid documents to USDA. “We had to go through that ... Read More »

Clay Co Solid Waste Grant For Used Oil Operation

Clay County received a $26,000 state grant to purchase a new transfer trailer for used oil. Mayor Dale Reagan said the 550 gallon tank will be used to transport the material to the solid waste department to eventually be recycled. “We put that in a storage tank down there, and we can use it to heat the building and everything,” ... Read More »