Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Van Buren School Board Will Remain At Five Seats

Van Buren County will not expand its school board after about an hour of discussion during a Tuesday work session. Commissioner Brian Simmons said he did not see a need based on feedback from residents in his district. “At least 70 to 75 (percent) of my district would rather keep it at five because they’re concerned of tax dollars and ... Read More »

Control Of Van Buren Ag Learning Center Given To Extension Office

Van Buren County has given administrative control of the Agriculture Learning Center to the UT-Extension Office. When asked why change control, Commissioner Brian Simmons said everything in the Ag Learning Center was bought by UT. “Because of renting that stuff out, something getting tore up in there, that type of thing,” Simmons said. “So any of that administrative stuff should ... Read More »

Van Buren Rebidding Masonic Building

Van Buren commissioners voted to restart the bidding process for the Masonic Building off Spring Street. Mayor Greg Wilson said the county does not have a need for the property. “Instead of paying utilities and insurance on the building and it’s just sitting there empty and we would be better served and the county would be better served to put ... Read More »