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Chronic Wasting Disease Currently Not Found In Upper Cumberland Deer

Upper Cumberland deer hunters currently safe from hunting game diagnosed with chronic wasting disease (CWD). TWRA Region 3 Biologist Casey Mullen said CWD is a neurological disease found in deer caused by a misformed protein and is 100 percent fatal. He said similar to Mad Cow Disease and the beef industry, it is recommended that deer with CWD are not ... Read More »

Fatal Deer Disease Spreading In West TN, No UC Cases Confirmed

A fatal deer disease that has now spread to 13 counties in West Tennessee has not reached the Upper Cumberland. Chronic Wasting Disease is fatal and damages portions of the animal’s brain. TWRA Region 3 Species Biologist Casey Mullin said the best way to combat the sickness is to prevent the spread. “Each county has a science based quota system ... Read More »