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TWRA Want To Implement New Deer Management Units Across State

TWRA is discussing potential policy and regulation changes focused on internal management and deer monitoring practices. Wildlife Biologist Casey Mullen said the agency wants to implement a new system for obtaining and using information called adaptive harvest management. Mullen said the changes will have little impact on hunters. “There’s not going to be a wide-reaching change, but there could be ... Read More »

Chronic Wasting Disease Currently Not Found In Upper Cumberland Deer

Upper Cumberland deer hunters currently safe from hunting game diagnosed with chronic wasting disease (CWD). TWRA Region 3 Biologist Casey Mullen said CWD is a neurological disease found in deer caused by a misformed protein and is 100 percent fatal. He said similar to Mad Cow Disease and the beef industry, it is recommended that deer with CWD are not ... Read More »

Tennessee’s Deer Gun Hunting Season Opens Saturday

Tennessee’s statewide gun hunting season for deer opens this Saturday. TWRA Region 3 Biologist Casey Mullen said the outlook for this year seems to be good. While deer season started slow, it seems to be picking up with the cooler weather. “It looks like the weather is going to cooperate it’s cool weather,” Mullen said. “The deer are getting into ... Read More »