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Cookeville City Council Members Debate Fireworks Show Funding

Council Member Eric Walker said he remains concerned about Better Cookeville receiving city funding for the 2024 July 4th fireworks. Walker said the non-profit has a healthy fund balance and does not need city funding right now. Further, he said he believes it is wrong that one week the organization’s Facebook page will promote the show one week and two ... Read More »

June 15 Public Hearing Set On Cookeville Annexation

Cookeville City Council will hold a public hearing June 15 to annex a 74-acre parcel off Tennessee Avenue. Council approved the resolution Thursday night. The annexation is by owner consent. Council will also set zoning for the land, expected to be commercial in nature, according to Community Development Director Jon Ward. The city will also go ahead with the purchase ... Read More »

Council Wants Safeguards On Former Mayor Fireworks Spending

Several Cookeville City Council members want better accountability of the money provided for the Fourth Of July Fireworks. Better Cookeville, started by former Mayor Ricky Shelton, produces the fireworks show. City Manager James Mills said Better Cookeville has asked to increase funding to $20,000 in the new fiscal year. Council Member Eric Walker said the city requires financials of the ... Read More »

Cookeville Council Approves Paving Work, Using Extra Revenue

Cookeville City Council agreed to spend $1.14 million in additional money on Spring paving Thursday night. The revenue generated, in large part, by higher interest rates on the city’s investments. Finance Director Brenda Imel outlined numerous other budget adjustments Thursday night as the fiscal year draws toward an end. Sales tax revenue, for example, has exceeded projections. “We originally budgeted ... Read More »

Cookeville Moves From Self-Insured Health Insurance

Cookeville City Council voted Thursday night to move from a self-insured health insurance plan to being insured by an outside vendor. The plan expected to save the city over $1 million on its next fiscal year spending. Finance Director Brenda Imel said rising medical costs as well as the increasing complexity of the system made the decision the right one. ... Read More »

Cookeville To Update Internal Control Manual

Cookeville is set to update its Internal Control Manual. Finance Director Brenda Imel said the manual was established several years ago as a way to create a checks and balances in city government. She said with the creation of a new department and changes to zoning codes, it was time to review and update the manual. “Has all the sufficient ... Read More »

Cookeville Considering Changing Life Insurance Provider

City of Cookeville looking to approve a new life insurance provider. Finance Director Brenda Imel said the renewal price for its current provider increased by more than 92 percent. She said after shopping out the plan, six different providers showed interest. “And the best quote was Hartford and they gave us a quote of 46.6 cents per $1,000 for active ... Read More »

Cookeville To Consider Bond For Road Improvement Projects

Cookeville City Council will consider moving forward Thursday night with another general obligation bond issuance of some $10 million. City Manager James Mills said the bonds would help with three projects: Phase II of the East 10th Street widening, Phase I of West Stevens Street improvements, and reimbursing the city’s general fund for the land purchase on Old Sparta Road ... Read More »

Cookeville Approves Debt Resolution, New Fiscal Year Budget

Cookeville City Council approved a resolution Thursday night allowing the city to incur debt and pay it back with proceeds from bonds. Finance Director Brenda Imel said the decision would allow the city to move quickly if needed to spend money on the proposed aquatic facility or for some of the city’s major road projects. “The first step if this ... Read More »

Cookeville Wants To Take Advantage Of Current Rates For Bond

Cookeville City Council will consider a resolution Thursday night to begin the process of issuing some $10 million in bonds. City Manager James Mills said that the bond issue could be used to start working on the aquatics facility and on other capital improvement projects. “We want to get started now because we’re concerned,” Mills said. “Right now the rates ... Read More »