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Williams: Allowing Teachers To Carry Weapons A Deterrent

The Tennessee House could take up the bill this week allowing faculty and staff to carry concealed weapons on K-12 campuses. State Representative Ryan Williams said staffers would be required to have an enhanced carry permit, provide an additional fingerprint, and undergo 40 hours of active shooter training. He said they would also need to pass the same mental health ... Read More »

Butler Sponsoring Bills To Expand Secondary Options

State Representative Ed Butler has sponsored a pair of bills focused on providing more flexible post-secondary education options for Upper Cumberland students. Butler said one bill will allow students to use the Tennessee Promise in summer semesters, allowing graduated seniors to use the scholarship immediately after high school. He said many students are motivated to pursue their degree right away, ... Read More »

Sexton Signs Truth In Sentencing Bill Honoring Victims and Victim Families

Upper Cumberland legislators and law enforcement discussed the potential impacts of the state’s new truth in sentencing act. Monday’s ceremonial bill signing by House Speaker Cameron Sexton in Crossville focused on specifics of the bill which goes into effect Friday. State Representative Ryan Williams shared a recent example of how the law will benefit the community. “If this bill would ... Read More »

Dunaway: Truth In Sentencing Law A Win For Victims

District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway said the truth in sentencing bill that will go into law will be a positive change for victims. Dunaway said the legislation will make defendants of violent crimes serve 100 percent of a sentence without reduction or parole eligibility. “It’s a very difficult situation to look the mother of a person who has been killed ... Read More »

Legislation Moving Forward To Allow Hospitals To Employ Police Officers

State Representative Ryan Williams sponsoring legislation that would authorize healthcare facilities to employ and commission police officers. Williams said smaller healthcare facilities are struggling to find security workers. “Large healthcare facilities have the ability to hire or stand up their own law enforcement agencies in some instances like Vanderbilt,” Williams said. “Smaller folks like Erlanger and small regional hospitals even ... Read More »

Bailey Sponsoring Bill That Limits Encampments On Public Property

State Senator Paul Bailey wants to expand an existing law that prohibits camping on state property. Bailey said the proposed bill would give local governments the authority to remove any person camping on public property. Bailey said his camping legislation originated from the homeless situation in Cookeville. “I know Cookeville has seen an increase in the number of these encampments ... Read More »

Rep. Williams Working On New Alzheimer’s Care Bill

Representative Ryan Williams is working on a new bill to assist in Alzheimer’s care. He said that it would create respite care for family members taking care of loved ones at home who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. “To provide assistance to those families for respite care for three or four hours a week per month,” Williams said. “With the ... Read More »