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Doyle Elementary Home Basketball Games Affected By A/C Leak

An air conditioner leak at Doyle Elementary could put home basketball games in jeopardy. Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger said that only a portion of the gym floor was damaged, so gym class can still go on. Dronebarger said that luckily there are other gyms available within the system that can be used while repairs are done. “We had a ... Read More »

Keeping Energy Bills Down As Temperatures Rise

Increasing temperatures lead to a want for more air conditioning, but what effect does this have on your energy bill? Karen Brown with Cookeville Energy Services said the best way to keep your power bill down is to keep your thermostat between 75 and 78 degrees during the day. “Also use ceilings fans to keep your air moving in your ... Read More »

$2.3 Million Dollar Project For Tennessee Tech Air Conditioning

Tennessee Tech will need a $2.3 million chiller now that water chilling capacity has been reached with two new building additions. Vice President for Facilities and Business Services Chuck Roberts said the future Innovation Residence Hall will require a chiller for air conditioning after capacity is reached. Roberts said this need became apparent during a 2015 utility study. “We were ... Read More »

A-C Malfunction Results In Dog Deaths

An air conditioning malfunction at Cookeville’s P.E.T.S LLC caused the death of ten dogs. The animal transport company lost cooling in a holding area. The dogs received emergency medical care, but 10 dogs suffered from heatstroke resulting in death. “It was incredibly difficult for us to share this tragic update, but we know that you all care as deeply about ... Read More »

Air Conditioning Health Important With Temps Rising

As temperatures rise across the state, people are switching over to air conditioning. Ted Jernigan of Integrity Heating and Cooling said people need to be on the lookout for problems. “Take a look at your thermostat at around mid-day, around one or two o’clock in the afternoon,” Jernigan said. “If you have it set for 74-degrees and it’s 76-degrees, that’s ... Read More »