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Williams: Allowing Teachers To Carry Weapons A Deterrent

The Tennessee House could take up the bill this week allowing faculty and staff to carry concealed weapons on K-12 campuses. State Representative Ryan Williams said staffers would be required to have an enhanced carry permit, provide an additional fingerprint, and undergo 40 hours of active shooter training. He said they would also need to pass the same mental health ... Read More »

Legion, Van Buren Officials Team Up For Training Monday

The American Legion and the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office are partnering for an active shooter training presentation Monday night. Van Buren Administrative Lieutenant Bill Davis said he will teach residents the basics of survival in the event of a shooting. Davis said leadership from the Legion reached out to the Sheriff’s Office and they thought it would be a ... Read More »

Livingston Police Department Active Shooter Training Keeps Response Team Prepared

Livingston Police Department works to maintain preparedness by conducting active shooter training at local schools during the summer and winter months, as well as during in-service. Chief Ray Smith said the training covers any sort of crisis that may occur at the school and prepares all stakeholders for such events. He said the department also gains an understanding of the ... Read More »

Celina/Clay Departments Complete Active Shooter Training

Active shooter emergencies. You often think of the response by police officers, but what role does EMS play? The Celina EMS Department participated in an active shooter training with the Clay County Sheriff’s Department Tuesday. EMS Director Andy Hall said they focused on the tactical side of saving lives. “It keeps us informed on how to work with the police ... Read More »