Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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State Recognizes White County’s Beverly Dronebarger For Work With Families

The Tennessee Department of Education recognized White County Schools Family Resource Center Director Beverly Dronebarger for her service.

Dronebarger has spent 27 years serving students and parents through the center. Dronebarger said the center helps students and families who have challenges at home. Those can prevent the student from being successful.

“I have a passion for helping students and families in need,” Dronebarger said. “I have grown up around education. Both of my parents worked in education, but beyond that I would say my relationship with God is what drives me to give back and help others.”

The centers will provide resources like clothing, food and housing assistance. Dronebarger even does grief counseling for students who may have lost someone to death or incarceration.

The state celebrated the 30-year anniversary of centers with an event at the Governor’s residence in Nashville.

“It felt really good for them to just know what we do is important,” Dronebarger said. “I know that it is important without the recognition, but it is nice for people to realize the value that we bring to the school system.”

Dronebarger said the most important part of her job is to just be there for students.

“I think showing up everyday, being there, being a support to students and families, being compassionate and caring about what their needs are is really the main thing I bring to the school system,” Dronebarger said.

The supervisor at the state level for Family Resource Centers made a speech and recognized Dronebarger for her service.

“I did not find out,” Dronebarger said. “It happened the day of the event, so I really did not know. We were actually just going for some training and it was in the course of that training they recognized the directors who have been there for 20 years or more.”