Friday, May 24, 2024
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Putnam To Absorb Salary Of UC Family Justice Center Director

The Upper Cumberland Family Justice Center director’s position will now need to be locally funded.

Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter said the state has indicated that the position will no longer be paid for through a grant.

“The Family Justice Center that has been funded by mostly grant money, but there is a small portion off of a fee that is added to court cases,” Porter said. “That grant with the state now they’re saying that the director of the Justice Center needs to be funded by the county.”

Porter said the salary would count as the county’s share for the state funded facility. Porter said $58,500 not including benefits would be adsorbed by the county if the county commission approves of it.

This would increase the county’s payroll for the center to $252,600. According to Director Amy Stockwell, other employees are already paid for by the county.

The county Budget Committee on Monday decided that Stockwell would not need to give a report on its budget proposal. The only major change was the director’s pay.