Monday, May 27, 2019
Happening Now

Putnam Co. Ambulance Struck At Stop Sign

A Putnam County ambulance driver suffered minor injuries during a Wednesday afternoon crash at the intersection of North Willow Avenue and West 4th Street.

Officials said two vehicles collided on North Willow, causing one of the vehicles to strike the ambulance while it was stopped at the West 4th Street stop sign.

EMS Chief Tommy Copeland said the crew members continued performing their duties after the crash occurred.

“As soon as the accident happened they got out and started assessing, treating, and calling for additional resources,” Copeland said. “By the time I got there, they were on the ground and trying to take care of the patients and getting additional ambulances there to take care of everyone.

Copeland said no injuries occurred to the other EMS crew members or the patient onboard the ambulance.

“It’s definitely amazing and I’m glad that they are all OK,” Copeland said. “Today they are actually having a funeral for another paramedic that died in West Tennessee so I’m very grateful that our crews are in good shape.”

A press release said the Cookeville Fire Department responded to the scene to extricate two occupants trapped inside one of the passenger vehicles. Additional EMS crews also responded to continue transport of the medical patient onboard the ambulance and those injured in the crash.

Copeland said the ambulance was in the process of transporting a medical patient to Cookeville Regional Medical Center when the crash occurred.