Sunday, July 21, 2024
Happening Now

Overton County Sheriff’s Annual Toy Drive Helping Local Residents

The Overton County Sheriff’s Toy Drive is underway to collect toys for children of families in need.

Toy Drive Organizer Tonia Butler said the community helps greatly with the toy drive every year. Butler said the drive is typically able to help 40 to 50 children by providing basic toys for them to enjoy.

“I love doing it,” Butler said. “I love helping families and for the kids out there that don’t get anything. And of course, even though our toys may not be the high-end Nintendo’s or anything like that, it’s still something for them to play with or sleep with or something that they will get to open Christmas morning.”

Butler said the department often asks people to write in before receiving toys, to explain what they want and why they need the donation. Butler said letters to receive toys must be in by November 30th.

Butler said they typically allow families to come in and pick what their children may need, even sometimes taking multiple gifts.

“Some of them are sick, some of them have lost their jobs,” Butler said. “Of course, it honors us to be able to help them.”

Butler said the department works with local shops nearby for the toy drive, who help them acquire all they need.

“Some of them even tear up and cry because their just so happy that we help them,” Butler said.

Butler said shopping for older teenagers can be harder, and they also accept monetary donations for supplies and clothes. Butler said citizens looking to donate may want to give toy vehicles like trucks for boys and Barbie dolls for girls, as both are popular.