Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Navy Calls For Repair Of Cumberland HS Jet

The city of Crossville has less than 90 days to respond to the Department of the Navy’s call to repair the Cumberland High School jet.

City Manager Greg Wood said the future of the jet will up for the county school board to decide.

“The requirement is for the school to maintain it,” Wood said. “We need to let the school board know that we have this, and it is their responsibility and ask if they are going to budget for it. If not, then we need to respond to the Navy with come take your plane.”

Wood said the Navy inspected the jet and found discrepancies in the condition required by the loan lease. The paint job seems to be the main issue.

“T-Cat could maybe do it,” Wood said. “Also, I have been looking at some Sherman Williams aircraft paint, because I doubt that it was painted with aircraft paint last time. We want something that will last for 20 years.”

Wood said the school system would have two years to complete repairs after response.