Monday, May 27, 2019
Happening Now

Monterey Votes To Finish 4-Year-Old Facade Project

Monterey has voted to pay a new contractor to complete a 4-year-old facade improvement grant project.

The $25,000 project to improve facades on three downtown businesses never completed after the original contractor walked off the job.

Mayor Bill Wiggins said the town can’t apply for the grant again unless the city completes the original project.

“We can’t reapply until we get this project completed,” Wiggins said. “On two fronts it’s imperative that we get this done because of damage to the buildings and our exposure to liability and we want to go after those grants again. They are very attractive and very much needed.”

It will cost $24,250 to complete the project. Monterey will pay for the project with $9,900 in leftover grant money, $8,287 in taxpayer money, and the business owners have agreed to pay 25-percent of the cost.