Monday, June 24, 2024
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Monterey Discusses Potential Rock Climbing Rules

Monterey will consider taking measures to ease liability issues with rock climbing.

The town’s insurance carrier has recommended prohibiting rock climbing at Bee Rock and Meadow Creek Park.

Monterey Mayor Bill Wiggins said the town could look at adopting a policy requiring climbers to show proof of insurance.

“What we can do is what the state parks do,” Wiggins said. “State parks allow, by legislation, rock climbing on their properties, but they make people register online before they can do it.”

Wiggins said requiring online registration would basically prove that potential climbers have insurance.

“For groups who go out there to train, we have to have a written agreement with them,” Wiggins said.

Monterey officials have not voted to adopt the state park rule and plan to discuss the issue at a later date.