Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Monterey Depot Historical Society Accepting Members

The Monterey Depot Historical Society is accepting new members to be a part of the preservation history.

Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said if you are a history or train enthusiasts, then this organization is for you.

“First and foremost, the main role is to make sure that we are preserving our local and regional history, so that we can educate our community and keep that history alive,” Cleary said.

Cleary said the organization also plays a second role in the community. Cleary said members give back to the community through fund raising efforts.

“The movies in the park was main sponsored by the Depot Society,” Cleary said. “The Labor Day celebration that took place in town this year. The walk thru history event that happened this fall. that’s just naming a few.”

The society has also participated in restoration projects in the community. Some projects in the past year include repainting the Monterey Caboose

“If you’re just really wanting to be a part of a group that wants to go the distance in providing neat opportunities for the community, we also do that too,” Cleary said. “I think a lot of people think this is just about trains and history. That’s not really the case. It’s a wide-ranged organization.”

Cleary said anyone interested can call the Monterey Depot Museum at (931) 839-2111 or visiting at 101 East Depot Avenue.