Thursday, February 29, 2024
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McMinnville Officer Awarded For Work As Child Car Seat Technician

A McMinnville Police Officer honored as the Child Passenger Seat Technician of the Year.

Officer Toby Lewis said he won the award for his presence at various car seat safety events put on by the McMinnville Police Department. Lewis said keeping the community and its children safer makes it all worth the effort.

“Hopefully they’ll never be involved in a crash,” Lewis said. “But if they unfortunately have to be involved in a crash, then, you know, hopefully that will, you know, help their safety and help prevent them from being injured.”

Lewis said the events give caregivers an opportunity to get educated on how to properly install and use child car seats. He said it was an honor to win the award as there are plenty of other highly qualified car seat technicians in the area.

“I was just very honored,” Lewis said. “There was a lot of car seat technicians deserving of this award also, and I was just very honored to have been chosen for it.”

Lewis said the car seat safety events also provide car seats to families that cannot afford them. Lewis was given the award on November 30 at the annual Tennessee Highway Safety Office Cumberland Region awards meeting.

“Knowing that the children are properly installed and, you know, helping keep them safe, that’s, you know, really a good thing to know that,” Lewis said.