Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Local Matters With Ben Rodgers: Meet New Register of Deeds John Sanders

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John talks about his election process and the work his department does daily. On today’s Local Matters…Ben Rodgers talks to John Sanders, the newly elected Register of Deeds for Putnam County. John talks about the journey through the election and how someone gets into a caucus, some of the biggest notices and surprises he’s had in his first two weeks ... Read More »

Local Matters With Bob Bell: Tennessee Tech’s Dr. Jeff Roberts

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Jeff talks about what makes the arts and sciences so complex at Tennessee Tech. On today’s Local Matters…Bob Bell meets with Dr. Jeff Roberts, the Dean for the College Of Arts And Sciences at TTU. Serving as the arts and sciences dean, Jeff talks about the complexity of the department what the history books will say about the current time ... Read More »

Local Matters With Ben Rodgers: Meet CityScape’s Executive Director Lorie Krauss

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Lorie discusses finding the job opening, applying, & her first week at CityScape On today’s Local Matters…Ben Rodgers visits with Lorie Krauss, the new executive director of CityScape. Lorie talks about her family’s deep roots in Cookeville and starting with the Development District, how she saw the job advertisement and finding out more about the position leading her to submit ... Read More »

Local Matters With Bob Bell: Putnam County School Board’s Ron Chaffin

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Ron discusses all things transportation and getting students to and from school. On today’s Local Matters…Bob Bell meets with Ron Chaffin, the transportation supervisor for Putnam County Schools. Ron talks about growing up in Putnam County and the path he took to becoming transportation director, the two kinds of buses the county uses and how many routes for each, and ... Read More »

Local Matters With Caroline Moore: Owner of Loxx Salon Tracey Franklin

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Tracey discusses what goes into owning a salon and being in the beauty industry. On today’s Local Matters…Caroline Moore sits down with Tracey Franklin, the owner and master stylist at Loxx Salon in Cookeville. Tracey talks about how long she and her husband have owned Loxx Salon, the organizational structure of a salon and the different business models out there, ... Read More »

Local Matters With Ben Rodgers: Sequatchie County Executive Keith Cartwright

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Keith talks all things Sequatchie Co. after being re-elected as county executive On today’s Local Matters…Ben Rodgers visits with Sequatchie County Executive Keith Cartwright. Keith gives updates following a re-election and the reason for trying to run again, how important it is for county commissioners to be aware of what’s going on within their county and the world, and the ... Read More »