Monday, June 17, 2024
Happening Now

Local Cookeville Business Appliance Mart Closing

Long-time Cookeville Business, The Appliance Mart, is closing after operating for more than fifty years.

Spokesman Drue Huffines said the store is closing because of owner Keith Alred’s death last December. Huffines said there is not a scheduled closing date, but they plan on staying open until they sell all of their remaining appliances.

“It’s people that you know that you can trust, you like to work with them, and you come there, and for years I’d pick up their radio material, they wanted me to record commercials, and I knew that, when they gave me some notes, that they were going to be truthful,” Huffines said.

Huffines said the store is currently being run by Alred’s wife, Lucille. He said he has had a great ride with Appliance Mart.

“They have selected the people that’s working with them and the people that – that would deliver it, you could be sure that you could trust them coming into your home whether you were there or not,” Huffines said. “And many people say they just opened the door and tell them where to go.”

Huffines said they still have numerous items for sale at the store.

“They had the products when people came there, all over the Upper Cumberland, golly, for years and years and years,” Huffines said. “And they knew that they can depend on this – these people because they were great citizens of the Upper Cumberland.”