Monday, June 17, 2024
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Jackson Residents Concerned About Speeding On Aarons Branch Rd

Several Jackson County Citizens petitioned County Commissioners Monday night to set a speed limit on Aarons Branch Road.

The concern is vehicles that frequently speed on the narrow one-lane road. Mayor Randy Heady said the Jackson County Commission has never set speed limits before.

“More and more of these roads in these communities, they’re asking us to do this,” Heady said. “So it sounds like we’ve gotten to the point where we have to do some homework and find out the best way to go about this and put some policy in place.”

The board tabled the request until the next meeting so the road superintendent could get more information.

Heady said a few vehicles have been going 60 miles per hour down Aarons Branch Road in eastern Jackson County. Heady said the road is mostly gravel, and citizens are concerned for the safety of their children.

Heady said the board will need more time to come up with what the speed limit should be, and how it will be enforced.

“After some of the concerns that some of the commissioners had, which were very legit, about us just up coming up a number, how do we know how fast the speed limit ought to be on that,” Heady said. “So they wanted a little more guidance.”

The Commissioners will consider the issue at the next meeting, currently set for July 31st.