Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Jackson County Fairgrounds Booked As Renovations Near Completion

Renovations to the Jackson County Fairgrounds building are almost complete and the facility is already booked out for the next six months.

Jackson County Mayor Randy Heady said that the community building is one of the most used pieces of property in the county. Heady said he thanks the Jackson County Commission for allowing him to partner with the Department of Agriculture to renovate the facility.

“The problem we’re having is, we’ve done all this work and now we want to do a little more,” Heady said. “It’s kinda like ‘this is really nice, but what if we were able to do this.’ A community kitchen of something, so I don’t know we’re going to be looking at other grant opportunities and see if we can’t even continue to expand that.”

Upgrades include ADA bathrooms, both inside and out of the building. Heady said he is also proud of the concrete sidewalk for visitors who may be wheelchair-bound.

Heady said he and the community knew that the community used the Fairgrounds, but no one realized how much until it was shut down.

“Boy just as soon as we opened it up, it filled up,” Heady said.

Heady said opportunities for the Fairgrounds include the Poke Sallet Festival being moved to the grounds by organizers.

“Which I think was probably a good move,” Heady said. “I think it really has the opportunity now to really grow and blossom into something really huge over there.”

Heady said that the county is looking to continue upgrades to the Fairgrounds.