Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Highlands Economic Partnership Accepting Applications For Leadership Program

Applications for the Highlands Economic Partnership’s Leaders program are now available.

Vice President Adam Poe said the program’s goal is to provide local businesses the opportunity to grow and prosper in the partner counties of Putnam, White, Jackson, and Overton. He said they will be accepting two professionals per county for each of the eight industry sectors in the region.

“The goal is to basically expose this next generation of leaders to executive leadership topics that they might not come in contact with now,” Poe said. “But as they continue to grow in their roles in their company, they’ll know exactly how to handle different situations the higher up they go within their company.”

Poe said the one-year program features five one-day gatherings, with optional community impact projects. Poe said the program will be a deep dive into leadership topics that involve a lot of hard work.

“Some of these examples are going to be team empowerment, executive motivation, strategic planning, and decision making in crisis, operation scalability, and emergent leadership, things of that nature,” Poe said.

He said on average people in the program have been at their company for eight to ten years. He said people interested in the program should be highly motivated and ready to take the next step into a leadership role.

“I just need people who are eager to learn, to invest in themselves, that are vulnerable in front of a group to be able to talk about the struggles that they face, and being able to share best practices,” Poe said. “As well as making sure that they are all in on processes of the highlands leaders.”

Poe said applications for the next program can be found at