Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Dunaway: DA Office Will Not Be Involved In Livingston PD Inventory

District Attorney Bryant Dunaway said in a statement that his office will not be involved in an inventory of the Livingston Police Department.

Mayor Curtis Hayes said at Monday’s Board of Aldermen meeting that the city started the inventory process with Dunaway’s office. Dunaway said after the Board of Aldermen’s decision to not make a leadership change, he pulled his investigator.

Dunaway said he did send an investigator Monday to assist the department in beginning an inventory check. A Livingston official confirmed that the district attorney’s staff indicated the office will not continue the inventory process.

Police Chief Greg Etheredge was suspended three weeks without pay and placed on probation for six months following several issues reported by the State Comptroller’s Office. In a letter shared to the city last week regarding the findings, Dunaway said an outside inventory of the department should be conducted.