Monday, January 25, 2021
Happening Now

Data Shows Highway 111, I-40 Intersection Traffic Lights Improved Safety

Last year’s installation of traffic lights at the Highway 111/I-40 intersection in Cookeville has increased safety.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, 18 months before installation, the intersection saw 18 accidents with six ending in injury. Captain R.C Christian since the traffic lights became operational in June 2019, 15 wrecks have occurred with only two major injuries.

“The severity and the magnitude of the impacts and everything that does seem to be decreased,” Christian said. “To me that is significant. Granted it is a very congested area. There are going to be crashes naturally, but these lights have controlled that better.”

Christian said a main problem the lights fixed was visibility when crossing the intersection going south bound. Christian said the lights have made traffic flow and speeding issues much easier.

“Even before those lights were installed, I had been there working crashes,” Christian said. “People come over the hill and be on it before they realize there is something in the roadway. It has just controlled that area much better. It has slowed people down and the flow is much better.”

Property damage crashes for the intersection also lessened in severity, Christian said.